Find Sixty Three Numbers by Explosion Studio - Android App Featured Review

Find Sixty Three Numbers by Explosion Studio - Android App Featured Review    

Well, with over 2 million apps on google play, proabably more than three quarters of them being games, why bother with a puzzle? You have your RPG style games, your basic hack and slash, simulators ranging from space ship combat to dragon simulators to tycoon simulators, the endless types of various real time strategy starting from dinosaur combat all the way to futuristic robot warfare.

So, why do a review of a puzzle, out of all things?

This is a special kind of puzzle. The app, Find Sixty Three, has one thing in mind, to help the user or player to train his or her mind. The puzzle is very varied, with many different modes of play. However, each one is short in time and you must think furiously to solve it, in each mode you must think in different ways!

In some of the game modes, you have to find number in specific orders. In others, you have to progress by using the numbers in specific combinations or do specific math operations to reach the intended goal, 63. However, in each of the modes, the goal is very clear and the time is short, so the player must make a real effort. And that's what makes it so fun!

Actually, the varied modes of play make this game so addictive. You have five minutes? Waiting for a bus or a meeting to start? Whip out your android device and play a Find Sixty Three quick game. You'll give your brain some much needed exercise and be sharp and alert when the meeting starts ...

With different modes of play, random placing of numbers and the three difficulties of play, Find Sixty Three is really a game with replay value. You can always play the same mode of game again and again and the challenge will be slight different. People never get bored with this game. Guaranteed.

So, what are our conlusions? With a game that is varied, fast and furious, very challenging and giving real value for your time, because the brain is the most important muscle (in a manner of speaking) we own that we never train, Find Sixty Three is a game we must have.

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