QWiz.Me! - Train with a Wiz - Android App Review

QWiz.Me! - Train with a Wiz by Meta4 Solutions - Android App Review    

It seems our Android smartphones can help every facet of our lives, from the way we communicate, the way we play or enjoy our selves by watching videos or listening to music to the basic security of our family. In fact, there is almost nothing our smartphones, with the help of the right apps of course, can't help us 

Which of course makes us VERY happy to come across an app that addresses something that is VERY important to us, yet seldom gets the attention it deserves. We are talking about the education and advancement of our kids, of course. It is the sad truth that while our younger generations are smarter than their elders, yet they are less educated and know a LOT less than the generation before them knew.

What can we do? Young people are glued to screens of various sizes from the crib, from smartphones to tablets to TVs to smart watches to cinema. It has become their favorite and almost only way to look upon the world and learn things about. So, some smart people at Meta4 Solutions asked, why can't we use that fixation to put some knowledge and understand into young peoples' heads?

Well, let's introduce QWiz.Me!, an app that lights a candle of knowledge in front of people of all ages, though of course the young are its main users. The app contains quizzes, tests, links to tutorials and more about a wide variety of subjects, from Math to English and more. The user takes quizzes, gets to see and check his or her answers and then go on to increasingly difficult tests.

The app is VERY user friendly and beautifully designed, all to make the learning experience all that more pleasurable. In fact, just using the app for fifteen to thirty minutes a day is guaranteed to help the user along in his or her studies to the material in hand.

Naturally, there is an extensive array of reports, from standard status report to compartive reports showing how the user advanced from the beginning and how he or she is doing compared to the majority of people his or her age.

Turning learning into a fun and rewarding experience on the platform young people love the most, our own smartphone's screen, must be ranked among the better uses anyone anywhere can think to put his or her smartphones to.

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