Bus Simulator Racing - Android App Featured Review

Bus Simulator Racing by Universal Games - Android App Featured Review    

For many people, one of the main uses they put their smartphones to is gaming. Let's face it, making calls, sending and receiving messages was possible more than ten years ago with those old, bulky, indestructible Nokia phones. But these days, with those powerful, connected and graphic capable Android smartphones (yeah, the other kind too), gaming has risen to new heights. 

And the new game we present here is a great example to everything that is good in Android gaming. First of all, lets describe the game itself. Bus Simulator Racing is a very unusual racing game. You do get to drive a vehicle as fast as possible but this is where all similarity ends. You drive a double decker bus through some fantastic English landscape and you have to get your students to school on time. 

The game is far from simple or easy. Universal Games has put in a real effort to make driving the bus as realistic as possible, which makes for a great driving experience, but one that is also fairly hard to master. Your bus will drift, skid, slide and do all sorts of things a REAL bus would do when driven as extreme speeds on uneven roads. 

You, the player, must show some real driving skills in order to drive the bus safely. You've got to develop a feel for the bus, for its performance and the roads is must travel on. Beware of brides, because skidding over them may well cause your bus to plunge into a chasm, ending the game. But of course, this difficulty is what makes the game so fun. 

The producers of Bus Simulator Racing have some very smart decisions that result in a game we are proud to showcase. First all all, the graphics are gorgeous, even on mid tier devices. Everything is crystal clear, painstakingly drawn and colorfully rendered, making this game a treat for the eye. Of course, using tilt controls instead of those idiotic virtual joysticks also goes a long way.

Graphics, realistic driving experience, tilt controls and of course global ranking where everyone can compete with players around the world and important but the thing we actually liked the most was the lack of violence. In our busy, violent and conflict filled world it is more than refreshing to review a game that is player friendly, does not require killing anyone to win the game and offers players a real positive experience.

Yeah, we think you guessed it. We like this game!

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