unWired by 01Gravity - Android App Featured Review

unWired by 01Gravity - Android App Featured Review    

We at Android Review Center love our Android smartphones because of their versatility. With the right apps, we can make our smartphones serve almost any function, from a security device for our loved ones, to a mobile office and of course, a mobile entertainment center.

Of course, since we get to see hundreds of different apps, we have come to like apps that have two very specific things. First of all, apps that are original, that look at things in a different way than before and apps that are brand new, that we at Android Review Center are the first to show them to the public. Yes, we are vain. What can we do.  

Anyway, it brings us great pleasure to introduce unWired, a brand new app on Google Play. Well, it is actually a game but more on this later. The studio responsible for unWired is 01Gravity, a very professional development house. 

What is unWired all about? It is a deceptively simple game with simple rules that nevertheless requires deep thinking, an eye for geometries and spacial reasoning skills. The game is divided into hundreds of levels, or puzzles. Each puzzle is make up of dots and connecting lines. The object of the game is to move the dots around so the lines will not intersect. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Well, here comes the part where the deep thinking is required. The puzzles become complicated quite fast, and the player must not only think about the dot he or she is moving now, but three or four dots in the future. In other words, the player must carefully plan how he or she is going to continue and not only which dot to pull or move now. 

To make things even more interesting, the game awards the player for levels solved, the quicker the player solved the level the higher the award he or she receives. With these awards, the player will be able to blow away dots in the future that hinder solving the puzzle. These awards may be critical to solving the more difficult levels later on, so the player must employ careful strategy about their usage.

One of the reasons will like unWired is because it makes you think, which in our day and age is quite rare. Not only that, but the game is a great tool for working with kids, the parents helping them develop their minds and their spacial understanding.

All in all, a challenging game with beneficial side effects, totally professional graphics and music and a very original idea. Not to mention it is a brand new game!
If it wasn't clear before, we'll say it again. We love it!

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