MonarchVR: Meditate in VR by Edge Visual Studios - Android App Featured Review

MonarchVR: Meditate in VR by Edge Visual Studios - Android App Featured Review    

We love our Android smartphones, not because of their sublime beauty, sophistication or environmental impact but because of their usefulness. Let's face it people, today's Android smartphones and mobile devices have become an essential piece of equipment for whatever work, hobby, play time or even family time you have.

Their ability to function as mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers, mobile communications center and mobile security center makes their usefulness something that no one can afford to be without.

Be that as it may, we on Android Review Center strive to find and review the best and most useful apps among the millions offered by Google Play. Which is why we are so delighted to present MonarchVR: Meditate in VR which is not only a VERY useful app but an app that helps our ecosystem and out planet. How is it possible? That's a very good question.  

First of all, we must answer the question, what does this app do. Well, the answer is both simple and complicated. To use the app, the user must possess a Google Cardboard or similar device that through a simple arrangement of lenses allows any smartphone, with the right apps, to become a virtual reality display by dividing the smartphone's screen into two separate displays that each shows its content to one eye. The slight differences in the display make us see a full fledged 3D image.

The app uses the VR device to show us a set of gorgeous landscape scenes, from different forests to other types of background. And into that background the app launches thousands of Monarch butterflies that coupled with the 3D display make us believe we are INSIDE the forest, right in the middle of that awesome swarm of majestic fluttering butterflies.

So, someone might ask, what is the benefit of seeing nature landscapes and being inside swarms of insects? And the answer is quite simple yet complicated. On one hand, there is no benefit. The app does not save us money, nor does it communicate with others nor do we get a shotgun to blast at the huge butterflies all around us.

But here is the beauty and the wisdom of the app. When we need five minutes to ourselves to charge our soul's batteries, after a fierce argument with out spouse, an unwarranted stubbornness displayed by our children or merely a tough day at work, then transporting our self to that magical forest, swimming with the butterflies and inhaling the app's beautiful nature rendering with just make us better people, more relaxed and more open.

It must be tried to understand the full effects of even mere minutes the app will have on ANY troubled mind, which is all too often the type of mind our modern life creates. 

We did promise that buying the app will actually help the Earth, and so it does as all proceedings from the app are donated to conservation, education and saving that most majestic of butterflies, the Monarch butterfly.

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