IMYPATH - Android App Featured Review

IMYPATH by MARK ALONZO ALEXANDER - Android App Featured Review    

Android smartphones (and probably the other kinds too...) have revolutionized the way we view communication. Once, only twenty years ago, communications was only by voice and on rare (and very expensive!) cases by video chat. Our days, the growing power of the mobile devices, along with the growing data transfer rates have brought into life the mobile social network apps.

Let's face it. Social networking has become one of the main ways of communications of this age and day. Sharing files, videos, songs and other media has become something of a way of life. And we are talking more than mere hobby here. Finding jobs, spouses, connecting with distant family and staying in touch with friends has all become something we all do with the help of social networking.

But Google Play is filled to the brink with social network apps. Facebook and Google Plus all have social network apps and there are many other kids as well. The question to be asked is, do we really need ANOTHER social networking app?

In other words, what does IMYPATH possess that other social networking apps do not?

Let's start with what needs to be fixed with current social network apps. In two words, information overload. However carefully you select your friends, groups and information sources, in a short while your feed will drown under a flood of irrelevant posts that you care nothing about. This information overload is exactly what IMYPATH wants to fix. IMYPATH brings to the front the category system, and by using categories the user can decide what information he or she needs, thus stopping the information overload problem.

With IMYPATH, everything revolves around information control. The user chooses what he or she is interested in out of a wide selection of categories and the app delivers posts and information relevant only to the category or categories that the user has chosen. The user can also create custom categories and everything he or she does, posts and sees is categorized according to the selection he or she has made.

Of course, the app has all the functionality one would expect to see from a social networking app, from sharing media to private messages to status sharing and more and more things, all done with a streamlined interface that helps makes sure that the user won't drown under that overwhelming flood of information that other social network apps suffer from.

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