Video Player for Android - Android App Featured Review

Video Player for Android by android player - Android App Featured Review    

Out of all the things android smartphones and mobile devices are called upon to do, perhaps the most important of all is being a mobile entertainment center and this of course entails playing movies and music, naturally. In fact, every android installation comes with its own music and movies players. 

However, they are rarely good enough. Sometimes they are clumsy to operate and fail to play all kinds and formats of movies (.flac files being a notable example). They have trouble finding and location all music and video files on the device and of course, at least two different apps are needed. 

These are some of the problems Video Player for Android comes to solve. First of all, the makers of the app made a special effort to make it very simple to operate. The app presents a very clear tree of all the folders and media files on the device, making finding, choosing and playing a file exceedingly easy.   

In addition, the app uses hardware acceleration to make use of the smartphones graphical processing unit to play media files, which results in smooth playing of even heavy, high definition videos and a considerable savings of battery power. 

Last but certainly not least is the fact the app can play every conceivable media file format that you can find, even hard to get and rate formats. If you can download it into the smartphone or mobile device, Video Player will be able to play it. No question about it.

Video Player can play movie AND audio files, can play every kind of media file and presents a very easy to use interface, making it one of the most successful, easy to use and useful apps to have on your android smartphone.

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