Pixel Jump! Endless Arcade Hop - Android App Featured Review

Pixel Jump! Endless Arcade Hop by Fruity Bits Games - Android App Featured Review    

There is a special place in our hearts for arcade games, even the seemingly simple and repetitive ones. First of all, they are a lot of fun to play. Secondly, where the big, tough, complicated games like Boom Beach or Clash of Clans demand absolute attention or you'll lose the dragons you waited two weeks to build, arcade games just require a little bit of attention and a quick finger. No commitment. 

Pixel Jump! Endless Arcade Hop, aside from it's less than friendly name, is a perfect example of an arcade game that is simply fun to play, no strings attached and no need for a grand master plan that takes two months to build up your landing boat so it will be able to carry the Scorcher .... 

This game can be played anytime, for however long you have, and is always entertaining. The hero is a penguin who has to jump across some frozen landscapes in order to reach his home while taking care to avoid critters and other obstacles along the way.  

The makers of this game, the Fruity Bits Games studio has chosen to go with the pixel - characters graphics. Now, some love this while others hate it but in Pixel Jump! it seems the choice is well warranted, as it makes the game somehow simpler yet more addictive and attractive. In other words, it's very cute.

We love supporting small independent studios (both to have new and innovative games out there and make the big studios sweat and try even harder to put out good games) but in this case we think the game is really worth a try, as the combination of nice graphics, simple yet challenging gameplay and attractive music creates a game that is fun to play.

We should also mention that the studio promises to deliver future updates with more creatures, varied landscapes and other changes that should make the game even more fun to play.

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