New Basketball Coach Evolution - Android App Featured Review

New Basketball Coach Evolution by Creations Fanswerin - Android App Featured Review    

We at Android Review Center have always divided games into strategy, RPG, arcade and various war games, with sports taking a slot inside the arcade genre. However, in New Basketball Coach Evolution we see a completely different (and smarter) approach to sports.

Actually, what this game does is turn sports (basketball to be exact) into a strategy game. The game takes the role of basketball coach, creates a skill, stamina and player stats system (which is based on what we all see on every basketball game anyway) and lets the app player manage the team.  

This makes a complex and challenging game though very fun to play. The player must decide who is going to play, manage the team and the game, assign roles and take a good care of his or her players, reserve players and a lot of other factors.

Of course, the real challenge comes in the games, because than the coach gets to see how his managed system of players, roles, workout regimes and more all come to the fore and create a wining team. Or not ...

Besides the obvious challenge and skill required to manage the team, the mere fact of getting to play the coach in overall control of the group is quite an experience, not only for basketball fans. It makes you appreciate real life coaches a lot more.

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