Music Organizer Player - Android App Featured Review

Music Organizer Player by Muzigrid - Android App Featured Review    

Music Organizer is an app that comes to solve a problem many of us have, organizing AND listening to the music we have on our Android smartphone and mobile devices. There are mp3 players that will play music from folders or create a playlist out of all the folders on a smartphone, but Music Organizer takes all of this to a new level.

The app lets us automatically create playlists from folders, and then lets us select which playlists we want to hear at the moment, allowing us to mix folders, playlists and single mp3 files any way we like.

In addition, the app allows us to search the web for an icon for each playlist, creating an intuitive and easy to operate interface to our playlists and the music we have on our smartphone that no other app possesses.

But Music Organizer doesn't stop here ... It is also a great car audio player with the ability to switch songs even when our smartphone's lock screen is activated, just by touching the power button. No more dangerous fumbling with the smartphone while we're driving!

Last but not least, Music Organizer also lets us adjust the way we hear music and has all the functions of a music equalizer.

To sum things up, Music Organizer lets the player create, store, play, repeat and mix playlists from all the music that he or she has store on his or her smartphone, creating an intuitive interface to music player that on other app has.

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