Family Orbit - Android App Featured Review

Family Orbit by AppObit - Android App Featured Review    

We on Android Review Center love our smartphones, for work, for saving money and (mainly!) for playing games and listening to music. But even we have to acknowledge that the most precious thing we have in life is our family. Thus, the most important apps are those that help our family stay safe.

This is why Family Orbit is such an important security app for our smartphones. It helps keep our family and loved ones safe. But how does it do it ?

Family Orbit is a private social network for the family built around security features that turn it into a security app. The app shows the location of each and every family member, allowing us to monitor every one quickly and easily. In addition, the app has panic buttons and quick notifications broadcast to alert the family immediately if anyone requires help, even if it is just for a pickup. 

Another great security feature is zones and specified locations. The app manages these automatically, alerting the parents whenever a family member enters or leaves his or her specified locations, thus informing the parents that the kids have gone to school, left school, are now in the library or mall. 

Of course, the problem with many family security apps is the cooperation of the kids but Family Orbit manages notifications and location sending automatically, freeing the kids from the need to constantly having to update their parents as to their location and status, improving their social status and thus insuring their cooperation with the app. 

As we said earlier, Family Orbit is also a social network, just for the family. This insures that pictures, statues and other media exchanged between family members remains private, saving the kids from the embarrassment of having their parents looking over their shoulders on Facebook, for instance. 

With the features we outlined and with additional features of monitoring pics taken with the kids' smartphone camera and their contact lists, Family Orbit is a comprehensive security app that the family members will easily cooperate with. 

In our book, this is a perhaps one of the best security apps we have seen so far.

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