Donkey Ollie - Android App Featured Review

Donkey Ollie by Aglaia Software - Android App Featured Review    

We are living in a new age, an age where the devices in our pockets, our Android smartphones and mobile devices connect us to the entire world and to the huge repository of data that is the Internet. In fact, our smartphones now touch every aspect of our lives.

We can compare prices and shop through our smartphones. We can communicate directly or by text, images, voice message and video conferencing with almost anyone on the planet. We can play games and hear music on our smartphones and we can even make sure our family stays safe with the right apps. 

But what about the kids? What about our values?

Donkey Ollie is a special app, something that is quite different to the usual break neck apps and games we usually install on our smartphones. Donkey Ollie is actually an illustrated ebook with the famous character that millions of people already know.

The ebook has four parts with ten stories each that all help to explain, show and present kids with values that we would dearly love them to have, from understanding of the ten commandments to the miracles of Jesus and the Names of God. 

Having an ebook for kids on your smartphone is MUCH more useful than first meets the eye. Everyone who has kids knows that sometimes you just have to keep the kids interested (during a wait in the doctor, for instance) and this app is ideal for that. Of course, having the app installed makes it easy to take a few minutes story break whenever and wherever we want, before bed or after dinner or just before sending the kids to school.

Using a famous character and using bright, colorful and totally professional graphics turns the app into a real joy for kids to see and even start reading, ideal for those kids who just learnt reading and are struggling with their first letters and short books.

To help strengthen kids' values, keep them occupied or just help them with their reading, Donkey Ollie is the right app in the right place.

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