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ChattieChat by U.S. Publications - Android App Featured Review     

Android Smartphones and mobile devices have come a long way since the first devices started to come out, about a decade ago. There's almost nothing that cannot be done on a smartphone, starting from office work to entertainment. But, the one of the smartphone's most important function has been and will remain communication.

And the modern way of communication is by chat apps. Just think about it. You can send a clear, short and precise message to your recipient. You can comfortably engage in conversation a whole group of people and still let everyone express themselves. You can send files and attachments easily. Chat apps are prefect for us, because they let us save our most precious thing, our time.

On the other hand, there are dozens if not more chat apps out there on google play. Whatsapp. Viber. Tango. Snapchat. to name only a few. Do we really need another chat app? Or to put it in a different way, what does ChattieChat bring that the other apps don't already have?

Let's find out.

ChattieChat is a brand new chat app that builds on the experience gained by Whatsapp and other chat apps which is a bit unfair (for them) but let's the user have a more complete and mature app. ChattieChat brings a whole set of features that totally transforms our chatting experience. 

First of all, basic chatting features. ChattieChat has it all, from notifications to group chats to blocking unwanted contacts and more. In addition, the interface is fully customizable, enabling everyone to design the interface he or she wants instead of making do with the interface the makers of the app provided, like in many other chat apps. 

In addition, ChattieChat has a lot of additional features. We can send huge files of unlimited size. We can send ANY file, not only media files. We can conduct extremely well encrypted chats to hide any information we don't want to fall into the wrong hands. We can use any device (and not only our smartphone) and use our ChattieChat user.   

So, ChattieChat provides the most complete set of features we on Android Review Center have seen on any chat app. This means that ChattieChat can easily provide for the needs of any user, from the chat nut who needs his or her groups, to the privacy advocate to the avid gamer or programmer who needs to share files and that's just scratching the surface.

We hope our point is clear. ChattieChat can meet any chat requirement of any user, and that makes it unique and precious among all the other chat apps on google play. And just to make it perfectly clear how much trust the devs have in their app, ChattieChat is COMPLETELY free and ad free.

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