Asciid - Android App Featured Review

Asciid by BPGames - Android App Featured Review     

Android smartphones and mobile devices (yeah, and the other kind as well) are perhaps the best mobile gaming centers the world has ever known. They have ever increasing computing power (with the later devices sporting eight core processors), great screens with resolution better than full HD and of course, they are with us all the time.

All of this brings us right to the problem at hand. Google Play, the place storing all the games for Android is SWAMPED with games. Some bad, some worse, some horrible and a few here and there are real gems. The problem the average user who wants to have some fun on his smartphone faces is finding those rare gems.

Luckily for you, we at Android Review Center have actually stumbled on exactly such a gem.

We are talking about the game Asciid by BPGames. The game's premise is simple and complicated at the same time. The player must survive a host of vicious traps of various kinds (from saw blades to huge swinging axes to spring traps - you get the idea ...), find a key and insert it into the door, all at breakneck speeds with the slightest mistake promising the player's character a gruesome death ...

Now, several things make this game exciting and interesting, much more than a lot of comparable Google Play games. The first one is the dimension walking the player's character can do. In other words, the character can instantly move between the light and dark areas of the level, merging with the dark to become a white character and vice a versa. Believe us, this actually opens your mind to moves and gameplay we have NEVER seen on any other game.

The second thing that makes this game stand out is its complexity. Despite having simple graphics and a 8 bit music score (with most levels sporting only three colors - black, white and red when the character gets splashed all over) this is a sophisticated game. Passing through the levels is not easy. The player must have quick and nimble fingers but most of all, he or she must plan his or her moves in advance.

The last and perhaps the most important thing is is originality. This game has a new and exciting twist to a familiar formula, turning it to a new experience to ANY player. And even though the game has attractive graphics and music, complex gameplay and can be played for a long time because is has random endless levels that change over it, its originality is perhaps its best trait.

We loved it.

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