ASA - All Songs App - Android App Featured Review

ASA - All Songs App by Informative Fortunes - Android App Featured Review     

In our modern world, with so many new inventions, innovations and constant upheaval, some things remain constant. One of those precious few is music. Listening to music, learning about the specific song and the artist and experiencing more from the singer is a singular pleasure that has existed for decades, if not more.

But our modern world that hands us so much information right at our fingertips also has a way of making things that were once simple, very complicated. In bygone years, we could have entered a music shop, lurking there for hours, listening to music and trying out artist after artist, song after song, till we found something we liked.

But now, with all the information in the world, this has become very difficult. Much like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, just finding out what we want and what we need has become so complicated we rarely make the effort any more.

Well, a brand new app aims to solve that problem.

All Sings App by Informative Fortunes aims to distill the important things and present them to us in a simple and easy to use way. In other words, All Songs App concentrates on music, on finding the right artist, presenting us his or her lists of works and allowing us to listen, enjoy and learn more about any song that artist made.

The app has comprehensive lists of works for every performer, all the songs and albums that the artist produced. The app allows us to search by song name or artist name, see that artist's works list, listen to any of the songs and learn more about the song and the artist as well.

In fact, using the app is just like having your own music shop right there in your pocket. You can find any artist you want, listen to his or her music, find out more about them, experience more albums and works by the artist and possess everything you need to enjoy music on your Android smartphone and mobile device. 

With a simple interface, a unique design language and very useful features, All Songs App is one app that not only will stay installed on your device, but it will make you ask your self, how did I manage without it before?!?

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