✪ SLIDE PUZZLE ✪ - HARD LEVEL by 11Sheep - Android App Featured Review

✪ SLIDE PUZZLE ✪ - HARD LEVEL by 11Sheep - Android App Featured Review   

To many people, people with kids that is, or even aunts and uncles, keeping the kids occupied is a pain in the XXXX. Kids have short attention spans, always seem to be on a caffeine high and never seem to sit in the same place for more than a minute.  

So, what to do with them? What can you do? You can bring a friend over for the child, or get him or her to play outside or even get him or her to paint for a total of three minutes in one of the numerous coloring books that never seemed so orphaned. And then, there's your Android smartphone and mobile device.  

Android smartphones and mobile devices are among the best gaming platforms ever developed. Their screens get better and better and there are millions of games available for download on Google Play, most of them for free. But the question remains, how do you select a good game for a kid?

Look no further because we have an answer right here for you. Slide Puzzle is a game optimized for kids on very many levels. First of all, it is completely violence free. We cannot stress how important that is. The second thing is the game uses colors and music that are optimized for kids, pleasant for them but not irritating for us adults.

But the main thing is the game itself. In a sliding puzzle game, a piece is missing and all the rest are mixed up, so the player must move one piece at a time to figure out how to return the puzzle to its arranged state. This is a thinking and problem solving game that has many levels to keep things interesting and many difficulty sets to keep the kids challenged.

In summary, Slide Puzzle keeps the kids occupied with solving problems and developing their minds and their skills and not the reflexes of their fingers, which does no contribute as much. Being violence free, this game is a great example for an educational game that the kids will love and will be challenged by it while the adults can take a few minutes of well deserved rest.

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