Receiptish - Receipt Generator - Android App Featured Review

Receiptish - Receipt Generator by Digital Babies - Android App Featured Review   

If you're the CEO of Amazon or Starbucks, you probably don't need to read this article. However, most of us may find this article and the app it reviews VERY interesting. The problem we try to address the is the problem of receipts, a problem that face small and medium businesses and even independent service providers. 

A service provider must provide a receipt upon reception of payment but the very nature of the services provides may preclude the carrying of a 'mobile' cashier machine. But think of the yoga instructor or the doctor making a house visit or even the graphic designer that must provide a receipt but don't have the means to do it instantly, forcing them to send the receipt by mail later.

But small businesses and even medium ones have problems, as cashier machines are sometimes complicated to operate and the people that need to make them work need extensive training in them or on PC desktop receipt generating software which is usually complicated and bulky. 

This means that quite a lot of people need a simple solution to receipt generation, one that will be mobile and very simple to operate. Enter Receiptish, a very useful app that allows the user to customize, generate send and store receipts, all done right on the user's smartphone.

First of all, the user gets to customize the receipt he or she needs by uploading a logo, deciding what information (such as the business that generated the receipt, for what service, types of currency etc) the receipt will present and even (on the premium version of the app) choose among several types of receipt to generate.

Then the user can generate the receipt, easily and very fast after entering the client's details. The app store the receipt and can also send it by email. Of course, the app calculates taxes and discounts automatically and it's so usable it can actually replace the old and worn receipt book.

All in all, Receiptish is a great solution to anyone who wants the enjoy all the benefits 21st century android smartphones and mobile devices can bring to a business, making things much more flexible, rapid, simple to operate and mobie.

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