Monsters Fall by Loop Ends - Android App Featured Review

Monsters Fall by Loop Ends - Android App Featured Review   

When looking at the cold, hard facts you can easily see that games in google play for Android smartphones and mobile devices usually fall into three or four main categories, with strategy games, RPG games, simulators of various kinds and of course, arcades. 

In this article we would like to focus on a relatively new comer to the google play website, the game Monsters Fall by a very innovative South America studio, Loop Ends. The premise of the game is quite simple. Monsters are falling down and the player must help them roll down the levels, avoiding the pitfalls and retrieving the various presents and items along the way.

So far we've haven't said anything special, though actually trying the save the monsters instead of fighting them is actually quite refreshing. However, we have seen various forms of platform games for years and we haven't told you yet what makes Monsters Fall stand out among its peers on google play.

First of all, the controls. We HAVE seen platform games controlled by accelerometers in the past but Monsters Fall does it really well. The games runs incredibly smoothly with the tilt controls and moving our monsters by tilting the device creates a whole new gaming experience.

The graphics and the music are all very well designed by professionals. This creates a very slick and pleasing game that is at least one level above its peers in the arcade scene. Everything from the items to be caught to the traps to be avoided are made with this in mind.

But actually the most pleasing aspect of Monsters Fall is its cuteness. We understand people are now shaking their heads while reading this but the games is REALLY REALLY cute, with a cartoonish feel to it and monsters that you want to save and hug. 

Monsters Fall comes close to be an ideal arcade game, from violence free gameplay to very cute monsters to a sleek design with engaging music. The game is great for casual play and can even be given to kids to hone in their coordination and planning skills.

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