Hit The Square - Android App Featured Review

Hit The Square by gatoware - Android App Featured Review   

There are literally millions of games on google play for android smartphones and mobile devices. This is the beauty of this new age of mobile computing and gaming experiences but at the same time it is also a nightmare for the average Joe who just wants to have a few minutes of fun playing with this smartphone.

The problem of course is finding and choosing from those millions of game the ones that are good. It will come as no surprise when we tell you there are good number of games and apps that will be deleted immediately after installing. We've all been there and done that.

So, how do we choose a good game, a game that we will like playing? First of all, be must choose the type of game. Broadly, games can be divided into sports games, strategy games and arcade games. We will narrow our search to arcade games for this article.

So, what is a good arcade game? A good arcade game should have an element of hand to eye coordination. It should also have an element of thinking and planning ahead. Last but not least is the ability to whip our your smartphone and play the arcade game at a moment's notice, whenever you have some free moments without hours of preparation in advance to have your armies ready ...

So finally we come to the main point of the article which is the game Hit The Square by gatoware, a game which is a great example for an arcade game. The game appears deceptively simple, with the user having to shoot one shot to hit a square moving forwards and backwards on the board. Of course, this is not so simple as the shot does not travel terribly fast and the squares move at different places and different speeds.  

We love this game because its simple with simple graphics. It can be played in an instant whenever you have a free moment. It requires a good steady finger to launch the shot the right moment and a goodly amount of thinking to calculate exactly WHEN the fire the shot.

In other words, Hit the Square is an ideal example for an arcade game. 

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