Azonator by Lenube - Android App Featured Review

Azonator by Lenube - Android App Featured Review   

There is a reason we do what we do, review and write articles about apps for Android Smartphones and mobile devices. We say that we love the functionality, the usability, the way we can use our smartphones as mobile offices, mobile entertainment centers, mobile communications centers and ever security centers.

But actually, we lie.

What we really LOVE about our smartphones is the way they help us save money. It's not always the amount save, though sometimes using the right app can net us savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars but it is the principle of the thing. What good is it to be hooked up to the entire Internet all the time if we cannot save money with it?

And here comes along Azonator be Lenube, an app that the first thing we should say about it is that it has a cool name, in sharp contrast to a LOT of other apps we reviewed that were very good but had crappy names. We know, that's not the most important thing in the world but still!

Anyway, what Azonator does is simplicity itself. All the user has to do is run the app, search for the item he or she is interested in (by using the product's name or specific keywords) and the app presents a list of matches, with the sales appearing next to them, with prices and present-ages (of the full price).

The user can sort the results and can also filter them, instructing the app to find sales of 75 present, for instance. After the desired product is found, the user can go to the product's page on amazon's site or even perform the purchase direct from the app.

Of course, the savings here can be HUGE. Azonator can easily find you that retailer or seller that sells on amazon and has a sale RIGHT NOW. Just think how much can you save if you buy a five hundred dollar smartphone or a thousand dollar TV and Azonator finds you a 50 percent discount sale.

Azonator has definitely made it to our list of apps that should NEVER be deleted from our smartphones.

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