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Where Are You App Find People - coANDco (UK) Ltd - Android App Featured Review   

In general, out of all uses of the our Android smartphones and mobile devices, which are mobile office, mobile entertainment center, mobile communications center and mobile security center, we tend to give the mobile security center the least amount of attention.

That is, until something happen. Then, everything else pales in comparison and security becomes our top priority but because we didn't pay it any attention before we are usually found unprepared when something happens and we DO need our smartphone's security features.

Well, this is what this article is all about, installing what we need in advance. Where Are You App Find People, except its unfortunate long name, is a major security app because it answers one of our basic security needs - to know where our loved ones are.

It is simplicity itself to make the app work. All we have to do is run it, select the person we want and the app does all the rest. Actually, what the app does is send an SMS to the recipient of the app who is presented with a form asking for permission to send location and the app then receives the location and presents it on a map for us to see.

This fulfills our security need to know where our loved ones are but the app has some nifty privacy and safety features. In a nutshell, the app does not require the recipient to install anything on his or her smartphone and everything is done with the recipient's consent through his or her browser with no additional tracking. This means that the recipient only sends his or her current location and privacy is wholly in our hands, with no background or hidden tracking of anyone. 

Out of all the possible tracking apps, Where Are You App Find People is probably the safest, the most harmless and the most friendly, since the recipient only sends his or her current location with his or her consent, without any further sneaky tracking of location.

And this is extremely useful, not to mention safe. Just think of all those who have kids to track who may find this app admirable, since even kids of all ages will consent to send their location if they know they are NOT being constantly tracked and THEY are in control of everything.

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