Sunshine - large file sharing - Android App Featured

Sunshine - large file sharing by Spika - Android App Featured   

Even in our own age of miracles, technology and android smartphones and mobile devices, there still exist problems, illnesses that afflict many users. Our own unique position as the writers behind allow us to sense that easily. 

And the problem we are now interested in solving is sharing large files. What can we do? With the yearly if not monthly advancement in technology, all files grow larger. Starting from family albums to downloaded movies, files become larger over time.

There do exist a few solutions to the problem of sharing large files, but most solutions usually involve other programs such as Whatsapp that are limited in the size of file they will transfer or cloud storage solutions, limited by the slow upload time.

So, what does Sunshine do? Sunshine is an app that specializes in transferring large files, from family trip albums (that can reach hundreds pf pics each a few megs in size) to MKV videos, more than ten gigs in size. Of course, Sunshine allows streaming files and not only sending, which permits us to use it to watch videos while they are being transmitted, and not wait for complete download.

The app connects devices directly, eliminating any third side parties, websites or the Internet. This, along with its propriety technology, helps it achieve great transfer speeds, as high as the devices in question can support over their communications channels.

Sunshine is optimized to enable all types of file sharing, from streaming video files direct to TVs and other devices over DLNA protocols to moving files between any types of devices and operating systems, from iOS to tablets to smartphones to PC.

In summary, large files are becoming common and sharing them is a problem that is solved admirably by Sunshine.


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