News in Shots by Lios Abarixo - Android App Featured

News in Shots by Lios Abarixo - Android App Featured   

In the western world, the problem facing us as people is time. We have all the resources, money, information and technology we need for almost every task but we lack the time to do anything with that. By the time an average person in the western world has some time for himself or herself (after work, kids and very little leisure time) there is no energy left for anything else.

This is exactly the reason web sites like Twitter have do so well. We need (or actually, we only have the time) for information that comes in little chunk, 140 characters in the case of Twitter. This is kinda sad, since with our android smartphones and mobile devices we access to the entire world but have no time to use it.

Enter the solution to some, if not all, of our problems. News in Shots is an app built to let us consume news (which is after all an EXTREMELY important part of our modern lives whether we acknowledge this or not) with minimum expenditure of time.  

How does News in Shots do this? First of all, the news items themselves are condensed by the editors into 60 word pieces, creating short items that contain all the important and relevant information but can still be read in under one minute.

In addition, the app itself has a specialized user interface which allows the user to pick his subject of interest (out of sports, world news, technology and more) and see the update news items that exist in that specific category that interests the user.

Last but not least is the notification feature, allowing the user to be automatically informed of important news items in the categories that the user found interesting.

The News In Shots app is perfect for the modern age. With short and carefully selected news items, specially designed interface and notification, a person can stay up to date simply, easily and most important, without expending much time.


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