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Learn English in context by WebStar School of English - Android App Featured   

The whole world has now turned into one global village, and the fact we hold the entire Internet in our pockets in our Android smartphones and mobile devices just make the world even smaller. And like it or not, our global village has one international language: English.

Okay, you can argue with that. There ARE one billion Chinese but they DON'T speak the same language. There are people like the French that try to keep their language alive as a matter of national pride but the de-facto language of the world is English. this is a Fact of Life.

So, what can we do? We must learn English. In fact, even the English should learn English because the English they teach you at school won't be good for nothing later on and the English in Canada, Britain and the USA are all different things. And to be be successful today, whatever you actually choose to do, knowing English is always part of the story.

So here comes Learn Englisn in Context, an English teaching and rehearsing app from WebStar School of English, a professional school dedicated to teach English. The app is very diverse, and has teaching videos, dictionaries and even English oriented educational games.

In fact, this is what makes the app so good. English teaching in school fails because the students get bored but with this app, the diversity of ways to learn and rehearse English will help students run through the entire app to learn and to improve their English noticeably.

Android Smartphones and mobile devices are so useful because of the many things they help us do, and this example by WebStar School of English is one of the best. The Learn English in Context app is really a condensed English course that will launch you head first into the English language, and we cannot stress enough how important this is

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