FreshForm - Freshmail - Android App Featured Review

FreshForm - FreshMail - Android App Featured Review   

Android smartphones have revolutionized our lives by allowing us to do everything while being mobile, communicate, entertain and of course, doing our business by being mobile. And, as some of us are in the business of email marketing, we know the most previous thing we have is our email lists.

Of course, saying email lists are precious is one thing and really owning and adding to our email lists is another thing all together. Of course, we are talking about email lists of real people, not random collection of emails that don't serve any purpose but enrich the people selling those lists.

We are of course talking about the FreshMail concept, a web based platform for adding and collecting email lists and constructing marketing campaigns easily and quickly. We present here the FreshForm app, a mobile component that connects to an existing FreshMail account.

So, what is FreshForm app all about? Simple. The best (if the hardest) way to collect email addresses to our lists (again, we are talking about email addresses of real people who are actually interested in what we have to sell and offer) is personally, by reaching over and physically signing up the person to our newsletter, campaign or whatever. 

FreshFrom was built with this in mind, to help is in conventions, gathering or wherever we go to collect our addresses. It constructs a beautifully design form on our tablet, making it the ideal way to sign up people. We get 17 predesigned templates and we can add new ones, with our specific logos and design if we would so choose. 

We don't even have to be connected at the time we sign up people. FreshForm will remember the addresses we collected and the next time we will be online with our mobile device, it will automatically sync the addresses we collected with our FreshMail account.

All in all, FreshForm is a very elegant and effective way to address one of the main challenges facing campaigners, i.e. Collecting emails easily and simply.

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