Cogxio - Android App Review

Cogxio - Android App Review

Let's face it. There is almost no decision in life important as finding and hooking up with the right spouse. We can change jobs, learn a new profession, move from country to country, adopt kids, change life styles but a good spouse will make the difference between a good life and a life that is, well, hell on earth.

Probably most people understand this but although they will usually go to great lengths to research a new neighborhood before moving in and will find out in advance how difficult a certain study field will be and how much will it later pay, the most important decision in life is usually left to chance and instincts, even by very intelligent people.

But we tend to forget that almost everyone of us now has in his or her possession one of the most powerful tools ever developed, the android smartphones and mobile devices (okay, the other kind too, if you must know). These powerful tools have extremely powerful processing capabilities and they are hooked up twenty four seven to the Internet. 

This is why we are so happy to interodice Cogxio, an online dating and match finding app that is actually designed for India but is going international these days. Cogxio is a very simple app that does an incredibly complex job of trying to find a date that will be right for you, the user.

The app can find matches according to physical location, then does matching according to interest fields and descriptions the various people give about themselves. Then, the user can try to contact suitable people and if their approach is approved, they can start chatting with them, in preparation for a meeting.

So, we gave the app to our reviewers and waited for their remarks.

Firs of all, our reviewers liked the privacy and safety features the app gives. Our private details are not something we would like to circulate and Cogxio does a great job of keeping them private and safe. Even deleting accounts is fast and efficient, unlike other dating apps that keep old accounts to bolster their apparent number of users.

The matchmaking itself is very efficient and actually seems to work. Of course, how exactly the app does this is a closely held secret but most if not all of our reviewers were quite happy with the match results. 

Our reviewers also liked the efficient and simple way communications between strange people, possibly matched, is performed. The user can send someone a 'crush' and a message. If the other person also sends a 'crush', then the two users can chat, which facilitates the possibility of a date, if both persons are interested in this. Like we said, quick, efficient and simple.

In addition, the map and location finding feature is also very useful, according to our reviewers. Sometimes you want to find someone close to you and not do all the complicated match making process and Cogxio has the perfect support for that. More often than not, a person physically close to you will also have something in common. 

Our reveiwers also sent in a few tips and tricks. First of all, try to put in accurate information and not things you wish for ... For the app to find you a good match, accurate information is a must. Also, when a match will be found, if you didn't give the app good info you'll quickly find yourself out of common interest subjects with your match ... 

Another thing to keep in mind is that every match, date and chat is special in itself. Even if you had three unsuccessful matches or chats, treat the next one is if it is new and fresh and try to not bring with you all the baggage and bad emotions from the last unsuccessful date.

The last but all important tip is to learn to use all the features of the app. Learn to use the map and location features, learn to use crush and chat features. Fill up ALL the info fields the app gives you and when you get a match, see all the interest fields your match has. Better information leads to better results. Guaranteed.

  • Score: 4.6. A match making app with location features.
  • Description: An app that will find you a match and help you communicate with it, hopefully leading to a date.
  • Good Points: Easy to use and very friendly interface. Comprehensive info fields for finding good matches. Location and map features to see who is close to you. Good privacy features.
  • Bad Points: The app is intended for the Indian market and is just making its first steps outside of India.
  • Experience: All those looking for matches told us they needed only a few moments to fill their details and then started receiving match suggestions and messages from other users. The app takes very little time to start working and is very simple to operate.
  • Longevity: All those looking for good matches.
  • Link to Google Play


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