Basketball Shoot by Kids Games Collection - Android App Featured

Basketball Shoot by Kids Games Collection - Android App Featured   

In our time and age, we have come to the point where we have more than one million apps and games on google play, all waiting to be downloaded and run on our android smartphones and mobile devices. On the one hand, this is paradise. On the other hand, this is a nightmare. 

The problem is choice, of course. Out of that huge number of apps and games, how do we find those that are really worth downloading? How do we find the apps and games that we can spend our free time with, not to mention spend our dollars on them, if necessary.

So, let's talk games. Games come in several different types and flavors. There are the over complex strategy games, where the player must invest weeks and run an empire to have a small three minute battle and there are the arcade games, quick, fast and instant action.

We would like to introduce a game of the other kind, a quick arcade game that is highly worth it. Basketball Shoot is quite simple in premise. The player must shoot a ball through a basket, using simple controls and depending on his or her hand to eye coordination.

Of course, the player gets to play in three game modes, challenge friends in scoreboards and hone in their basket shooting skills without having to break a sweat or put on their shoes. All the player has to do is open the game and start shooting balls at the basket.

We love sports arcade because they are so fun and Basketball Shoot is no exception. Highly addictive, instantly ready to play and with graphics that are simple yet fun to watch, this game is highly entertaining and well worth it for everyone who loves sports in general and basketball in particular. 

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