Terry Brival - Android App Featured

Terry Brival - Android App Featured   

Every one has heard of Terry Brival, haven't you? The French born singer with the magical and wild voice, whose debut album Désirs Brûlants has been followed by other great works such as "Chéri" Cocktail Dézil, Glimmer of Hope, "You and Me" and "I love You" and more ...

Terry is also an author and a songwriter and his music is partly soul and partly R&B, contributing some wild sounds to the world music. His voice has been said to be very similar to the late Micheal Jackson, Steve Wonder and Bob Marley. In other words, if you are one of the few people who haven't heard him singing, put him HIGH on your need-to-hear list.

For those fan of Terry Brival who already know him and for those that should know him and want to learn about him, the Terry Brival app presents the perfect solution. What it does is quite simple, concentrate and display and play all the relevant information about Terry Brival in ONE place.

The app can take the user immediately to see every thing about Terry Brival on Amazon, iTunes and Rdio, to see what albums, songs and other products by the singer are there, available for purchase without the need for lengthy searches. Everything is made immediately available. 

But what fan experience is complete without social networking? The app supports every kind of social networking that you've heard of, and some that you haven't. Are you connected to Facebook or Google Plus? The app will take you directly to Terry Brival's page to see the latest news and updates.

Last but not least, the app will connect you to Terry Brival's music directly, allowing you to select and play any song from any album of this very talented creator. Just select the song, or music video source and you're good to go.

This app is perfect in delivering Terry Brival's music, news and lyrics right to your smartphone, even allowing you to go over his clothing line, with a slick and easy to operate professional designed UI.


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