Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Review

Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Review

Well, we're not going to describe Star Wars again. If you've just woken up from a forty years come, you can take a look here. Anyway, this review is dedicated to a very special app called Star Wars Collecting Database which is dedicated to all those people out there collecting Star Wars memorabilia and items.

The app itself is an Android version of the same Star Wars collection database that has existed since 1998. Yes, you've read it correctly. The app and the windows version database track and contain items for more than seventeen years. Yes people, that is called dedication. 

The app and the database behind it have a single purpose, to catalog every Star Wars collectors items, starting from special edition comics, to a limited series of B-Wing bomber model to cast metal figurines of sand people made over twenty years ago. Of course, games, posters, pictures and many more types of items are cataloged. 

You see the books the app is based on in part here.

The app has two main functions. One is searching for items, categorized by types and groups and even time based. The app provides the user with quite a sophisticated searching functionality together with browsing and and item viewing. 

The second main function is cataloging items. The user can modify an item, change details such as place of purchase, price, condition and of course, he or she can also create a new item and enter all the information available on the item at the time of input.

So, we gave the app to our reviewers and waited for their remarks.

Actually, we divided our reviewers to three groups. The first was composed of hardcore Star Wars fan who already had collection of Star Wars items for years but did not use the app. The second group was made of people who were fans of Star Wars but were not serious collectors of items. The third and last group was of people who were not fans and did not possess any items.

Well, the hardcore fans went berserk. We actually had a hard time contacting them because they became so engrossed with the app. One said he could finally catalog all his Star Wars vintage comics. Another was busy completing his battle droid collection and the third told us the app was great, she was tracking down a model of Darth Vader's advanced TIE and to not call her again for two weeks.

The second group of slightly saner Star Wars fans were quite enthusiastic. For them, using the app was delving deeper into the universe they knew but never visited for themselves. We heard praises about the search mechanism and the ability to save lists and collection for your self.

Actually, the third group was the most interesting, because they were the people who weren't fans of Star Wars at all. Their collective opinion was that the app was sophisticated and easy to use at the same time, its user interface has been clearly seen a lot of work to make it simple and actually at least half of the reviewer group found themselves searching for things they remembered they loved from the movies, AT-ST models being the most popular for some reason.

Our reveiwers also sent it a few tips and tricks. One of the important things to know (we had this piece of information confirmed by the makers of the app) was that the app already contained memorabilia from the three next films, even they they haven't come out yet! The app and the database are the only place information about them can be gleaned. 

Reviewers also recommended using the CSV and backup features of the app, to create backups of collections and wish lists you create because it is always a good idea to have a local backup of your collections.
Another important thing to remember is that the mind behind the app and the database has also create collectible resources here, which might be of great assistance. 

The last but all important tip is to use the community. There are a lot of people using the app and the windows based database, all eager to help and extremely friendly (unless you start the stupid argument of who is going to win, a star destroyer or the Star Trek's Enterprise). Use them to help you find and collect the item you need.

  • Score: 4.8. An almost perfect Star Wars Collecting Database App.
  • Description: An app that allows browsing, searching and updating Star Wars collecting database.
  • Good Points: EXTREMELY comprehensive database. Extensive searching facilities. Easy updating. Full information support for every collector's item.
  • Bad Points: A few reviewers felt that a simplified interface for beginners would have helped using the app in the first hour or so.
  • Experience: For experienced collectors, starting to work with the app is a breeze. In a moment they know already know what, how and where to look for the items interesting them. Beginners need half an hour to get themselves sorted out.
  • Longevity: All serious Star Wars fans swore this app will stay on their smartphones forever. Even casual fans found the app interesting enough to keep it installed for a long time.
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