Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Featured

Star Wars Collecting Database - Android App Featured   

We actually thought about it but we finally decided to start with a REAL short introduction of Star Wars, for all those who had lived in a small village on the Amazon river without proper Internet. The other 99.99999 percent of humanity can skip the following paragraph.

Star Wars is a fictional universe created by George Lucas. In short, it is about a galaxy, far in the future, whose fate hangs in the balance as various power groups vie for control, some using technology while others using mysterious powers originating from the Force.

Without delving into the specifics of the Star Wars universe, we can only say that its HUGE popularity can be understood when considering the fact that six movies have already been done on Star Wars, without another three in the works, with two animated movies and two cartoon series already out. Star Wars is a huge thing.

And one of the most important hobbies centered on Star Wars is collection Star Wars memorabilia. This can range from thirty years old board games, X-Wing fighter models twenty years old or even old copies of the TIE-Fighter immortal computer game (that is STILL number one on the list of many simulator lovers, some of which have nothing to do with Star Wars).

For the serious collectors and the casual ones, for the people who live for Star Wars and for those who just want a nice Imperial Stardestroyer to loom over their desk, the Star Wars Collecting Database has been lovingly created by people who seem to live in the Star Wars universe for decades.

The app contains, maintains and displays a huge database of everything a Star Wars collector will need, from searches of specific models to item input to offering your own Star Wars collectors item for sale.

A Star Wars collector does not need anything more than the Star Wars Collecting Database. Just register, enter the community and use the app to enhance your collection. 

You can read a full review of this app here.


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