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PhoneID by Lanyards Tomorrow - Android App Featured   

What we love about our Android smartphones and mobile device is the many many many things they come in handy, and in fact revolutionize the way we do things, from navigating to shopping to staying in touch and much more.

Another thing we love is originality, and when it comes together with our previous passage about how android smartphones make our lives better, it becomes clear why so many people will give up watches and game consoles and laptops but will never part with their phone.

Enter PhoneID, a simple and FREE app which aims to solve one thing people on conferences, airports and on many other occasions need. An ID card. Whenever you to go a conference or on any other gathering of many people, it becomes a bother wearing your ID card, especially if it is one MORE thing to carry and fasten and remember to put on the second day as well ...

Well, PhoneID is here to solve this. But turning the smartphones (or other mobile device) into a large ID card, we can (again!) forgo our card and just use our smartphone to ID us, just making sure we tied it or otherwise attach it to the front of our shirts.

PhoneID is very simple to use and allows the creation of an ID card in a manner of minutes by someone who has never seen the app before. Horizontal or vertical, with an image or not, data fields to be represented an a scanning code appearance are the main options available with this app.

Of course, the uses go beyond just conferences. We can create a large greeting card for a loved one or someone from work we're supposed to pickup from the airport. We can use them on trips with the kids' classes so everyone will recognize us. We can even use them on kids' phones so if they get lost, people can help them be found again!

In short, PhoneID is a much needed app, original but simple to use that will finally retire those pesky only ID cards some of us had to wear on occasions. Well done!


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