NUSCH.ME - Android App Featured

NUSCH.ME - Android App Featured   

There are quite a LOT of uses for android smartphones and mobile devices (okay, and the other type too ...). This is exactly what makes these devices so useful. From mobile office to entertainment center, security center and communications center, these are just for starters.

But when we get really down to business, what we like most is apps that save us money,

What can we do? We're humans (mostly) and saving money is what being human is all about. The technology existing today on our android smartphones has come to the point where there exist apps (if you know where to look) that can save us money. A lot of money.

The problem is making calls when abroad, a well known problem. Since changing the SIM on the smartphone is a problem (because everything is so SMALL inside AND you have to keep your old SIM safe or you wouldn't be able to make calls when you return home) you have to use roaming charges, the really high charges when using another random cellular service operator aboard. 

Which is exactly what is here to solve.

This simple app helps take care of all of that. It allows you to rent a local number in almost any country you are in, and then make any call you want using local rates. shows you the number you use and you can choose between using your own number or the one offered by the app.

In addition, the app has another VERY useful feature which displays the call charges and the remaining credit at all times. Of course, this makes keeping expenses under control easier and simpler. Of course, the app displays your contact list and call history.

Everything with works in real time, so you can decide whether to rent a local number when you're already abroad and use your remaining credit, payable by paypal or credit card.

So, for a neat and easy to operate solution to the expensive roaming charges problem, you really cannot do much better than


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