Movie TV Tech Geeks News by Curt Johnson - Android App Review

Movie TV Tech Geeks News by Curt Johnson - Android App Review

It has been said that with Android smartphones and mobile devices (yeah, with the other kind too ...) the Internet itself, the greatest repository of human knowledge ever, lies right there in your pockets. It is usually added that despite the fact the Internet is right there in your pockets, all people use it for is to watch and share pictures of cats.

In fact, this is not so surprising as one would think, and it is not because cats are cute. In fact, the whole problem lies in the fact that the Internet is largest repository of human knowledge ever. This makes finding the information you would need AND would find interesting so hard as to make it impossible.

Which is why people have resolved to solve that problem and create channels of information for the things we need, which actually mostly condense into several topics. Tech news. Movie and TV news. Sport news and celebrity gossip. Like it or not, this is what we and most people are interested in, with varying degrees of importance. 

The huge site is a great solution to our information and interest needs, with dozens of writers and reporters keeping those information channels open to satisfy our info needs. And, to put all of this in a convenient and accessible way right into our pockets, we will review the Movie TV Tech Geeks News app by Curt Johnson.

The app is a magazine displaying news items from the site, categorized into section and prominently displaying news items. The user can select to see the category that interested him or her at the moment and then can see the news items in side, the articles and videos all easily accessible.

We gave the app to our reviewers and waited for their remarks.

First of all comes information management, and our reviewers really liked the way the app categorizes information and makes it easy to go and retrieve it, unlike certain other magazines. Our reviewers also liked the main editor picked news articles as they were almost always fascinating. 

Our reviewers were also VERY impressed with the quality of the articles and news pieces themselves. Our reviewers stated that even on their own fields of specialty (mostly tech but some in sports), the articles were very professional and very accurate, something which is becoming a rare thing these days.

The app's interface is simple and straight forward, allowing reaching the category and articles sought after very easily, even for those who are less tech and smartphone oriented than others. The app arranges the articles and the videos themselves in a way that makes it easy to consume, even on smartphones with smaller screens.

Our reviewers also sent in several tips and tricks.   

First of all, remember the app also works perfectly well on tablets, which means that you can read your science and tech reports on the subway on the way to work, but wait with the sports videos till you reach your tablet.

Another tip is to remember to hit the refresh button, to see if new articles and news items have appeared. 

Yet another thing to remember is to watch the podcasts, which are put online every Mondy, Wednesday and Friday, which are are a must for those wanting to hear the latest news and commentaries from the best sports gurus and celebrity gossip reporters. 

The last tip is to keep digging. The app, though having a simple and very accessible interface still holds a staggering amount of information so the advice is to keep digging to find the hidden gems scattered all over the place. 

Another tiny tip is to get to know the article writers, find the ones you love the most and keep searching for their articles, whether it's sports analyses or new smartphone reviews.

  • Score: 4.8. An almost perfect magazine app.
  • Description: A magazine app showing movie, tech, TV, sports and celebrities news and articles.
  • Good Points: Great material and articles. Simple design that makes reaching info easy. A huge repository of articles, analysis and news.
  • Bad Points: Perhaps adding notifications and the ability to follow topics, news and authors.
  • Experience: The app was real easy to setup and start using. Everyone found in a very short time the things and topics he or she loved the most.
  • Longevity: Since everyone has something that interests him or her that falls under the topics covered by the app, almost no one uninstalled this app.
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