Giraffe Adventure! - Android App Featured

Giraffe Adventure! by Mike's Fun Free Games! - Android App Featured   

Arcade and adventure games are one of the types of games most people love to play and the reasons are quite obvious. They are great for smartphones with average sized or smaller screens, they don't require long setup to reach the action and they can be played on every short break the player has.

Among the arcade games, side scroller are among the most popular games, simply because they are very simple to play, don't require many rules and yet are quite challenging, requiring quick eyes and fingers and even quicker minds that can multitask and plan ahead.

All of the above bring us to Giraffe Adventure!, the arcade game where the player gets to play an innocent young giraffe that is hunted by a malevolent hunter who wants the giraffe for his own zoo, disregarding the well being and rights of the wild animal. The player must help the giraffe escape the hunter and the other dangers in Africa, starting from poisonous frogs and working upwards. 

The player controlling the giraffe can run, walk, retreat, jump and even use its long neck to strike animals that threaten it. The game at first is quite easy but the difficulty and the challenge rise rapidly as the player moves up the levels.

What sets Giraffe Adventure! on different plane compared to other arcade games the sheer richness of the game, from the variety of animals and dangers encountered long the way, to the varied landscapes to the many abilities possessed by the giraffe itself.

But the crown jewel is the level designer incorporated in the game. Do you want to design a special level for your kids? Want to experience sheer mayhem with a particular type of predator? Want to arrange a challenging competition among players of Giraffe Adventure! The level designer allows you to do all of that. 

In conclusion, Giraffe Adventure! is a rich arcade games, with beautiful design and animations, lots of animals and of course, a level designer which is a rare feature indeed.


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