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Word Path by Venables Games - Android App Featured   

Let's talk entertainment, shall we? Android smartphones and android mobile devices can do SO much (as the reviews here on Android Review Center will show you) but entertainment always seems to be a bit lagging behind. Even though there are some GREAT games out there on google play, there seems to be an undercurrent that thinks, 'games are less important'.

Well, we disagree. Strongly, in fact. We know people that walk around with six inch Asus zenphones and six point four inch Sony Xperia Ultra Z monster smartphones just to be able to play better, see the games with larger screens and on a much larger real estate area. 

So, why are games important? First of all, they are fun. Even in our industrial and computerized world, we must never forget to have fun. Forgetting that means that the MACHINE has won. In addition, the correct type of games also teach us and hone our various skills, which is just as important.

So let's introduce Word Path, a small game which is nevertheless one we should pay close attention to. The game itself is quite simple, though simple does not mean easy. All the player has to do is find the longest word possible in the matrix of letters presented, racing against the clock and choosing to go with the easy green letters that start a word or living dangerously and trying to find others words.

Word Path as ladders and achievements boards but that is less important than the benefits this game brings. Its specially designed streamlined design and user interface allows the player to concentrate only on the task at hand, perfect for using the five spare minutes we have to play, have fun and hone our linguistic skills, which is always important.

But we see other uses, mainly concerning kids. Think about it. Just give your kids the game, and tell them that to watch their TV show they have to achieve a certain rank on the game. Linguistic skill advancement and education through playing at the same time. Perfect.

In conclusion, Word Path is an unorthodox word finding game with some real potential.    


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