Textual Timeface - Android App Featured

Textual Timeface by Andreas Schosser - Android App Featured   

With Android smartphones, mobile devices and even smart watches, the name of the game is convenience and saving up time and effort. It's not that modern people are lazy or inept, it's just that they would rather turn their energies into other venues, more productive and lucrative.

Thus, Google Play represents (almost!) the total sum of human effort invested in finding new ways to cultivate the exciting new technology and tremendous computing power we can get for even a hundred bucks. From apps that make shopping easier and faster, to apps that let us use the smartphone's camera to scan things and the list goes on and on.

Smart watches are a relatively new invention with new benefits and new limitations. While sporing a relatively small (circa two inch screens), nevertheless they already have a wide range of apps AND the native operating system that take advantage of Bluetooth communications to hook to our smartphone and notify us of incoming email etc.

So, with one glance on our smartwatch, we can see if we have new email, or a new SMS, or an event is about to begin, or a WhatsApp message has arrive and we didn't see it or hear the smartphone's notification. But aside from that, the smartwatch has an often neglected but very important functionality of its own. It should tell us what the time is.

This is exactly where Textual Time face aims to do. Textual Timeface has a very interesting idea that deserves merit. We think we need an exact time by the seconds but we usually can manage quite well with a "quarter to seven" time., even the busiest and most active business man.

Textual Timeface shows time by a textual message, with the app adjusting for smartwatch or smartphone use. In any case, it displays any time by text, such as the infamous "quarter to seven." The clock faces themselves can be adjusted and the patters and colors create beautiful results.

To sum this up, Textual Timeface is an original app that shows the time by text messages, making our life easier by removing the need to make the translation in our own heads.


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