Paper Aircraft by Cloud Bunny - Android App Featured

Paper Aircraft by Cloud Bunny - Android App Featured   

We on Android Review Center have quite a tough job. We are dedicated to finding and presenting the best apps on every subject, from entertainment to communications to security and even some mobile office app. Our job is tough because google play has more than a million apps, making finding the good ones quite difficult.

However, now and then we stumble upon a real gem, an app that really shines, if it is because of its beauty, functionality or other traits.

In the case of Paper Aircraft, it was all of the above and more. Read on to find out why ...

First of all, let's see what Paper Aircraft by Cloud Bunny does. The app is a repository for aircraft paper models, and not just any paper models but those without cutting the paper, just folding (which is a GIANT plus for anyone who ever tried to make an aircraft model). The app presents a selection of models and the user just needs to select one to receive folding instructions.

So, why did we love the app? First of all, the instructions for making the paper aircraft models are simple, detailed, colorful and self explanatory. Even people with two left hands can understand what they need to do and how to do it. Even some of our own staff here managed to make some very impressive aircraft that flew flawlessly.

Now, the models themselves are varied, beautiful and very practical. We spent some time making quite a few of the available models and the results were great airplanes that flew and glided perfectly! The variation in the models was also jaw dropping as the app contains models from spaceship to different kinds of gliders to other models with specific aerodynamic properties. 

The simple fact is that EVERYONE loves paper aircraft, making and flying them. We're not quite sure why but it's a given. Perhaps is has something to do with our childhood ... Of course, kids loved the the app, making the aircraft themselves or just flying the planes if they were little. In any case, it was great exercise for the kids and some well received rest for the parents.

To sum things up, Paper Aircraft is a must on anyone's mobile device, for making office life a little more bearable or making the kids play without destroying anything. With a simple and functional interface, a huge selection of models (You can pay a few measly dollars to get EVEN MORE models), this app has become our instant favorite.

Paper Aircraft books by the maker of the app: (look for paperback and kindle versions)


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