Mega 8 - Free - Android App Featured

Mega 8 - Free by DB Enjoy - Android App Featured   

Android smartphones and mobile devices (yeah, and even the other kind) are here to make our lives better. The huge amount of apps out there on google play allow us to work better, communicate better, be safer and even save money. But, these android smartphones and mobile devices have another function.

That function is to entertain us, of course. It is not by chance that google play has SO many games. Modern life and the multitude of duties and roles everyone has to perform leave many with just a few minutes here and there to enjoy life, so why not whip our your smartphone and play a quick and enjoyable game?

Well, Mega 8 is a game that fills that bill exactly. Simple to understand and operate, lightning quick setup and launching, and then the game begins and the player must deal with the game itself, going from easy to hard.

What exactly is Mega 8 and why did we choose it for showcasing? Well, like we said the game itself is quite simple. Colored and numbered spheres float across the screen. The player's role is simple but harder than it seems. The player must combine numbered spheres to reach exactly the sum of 8, for example combining 5 and 3.

The game is harder than it seems, because the spheres must be controlled less they collide. They keep floating and the player must adjust their courses, testing his or her spacial orientation skills to the max. In addition, making combo combines (three or four spheres together) AND playing against the time (in the full version) will challenge everyone.

Mega 8 is a simple but fun game, without heavy smartphone requirements and very quick to launch, setup and play though providing plenty of challenge for anyone. The game is ideal for those idle moments everyone has AND can be used with kids, letting them test their spatial coordination skills and math skills, an important combination.


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