Crazy Money Button - Android App Featured

Crazy Money Button by Michael Asaraf - Android App Featured   

It will come as no great surprise that we love Android smartphones and mobile devices. We think it's self explanatory but we do feel obliged to point out that the sheer functionality of these devices, being mobile offices, mobile entertainment offices, mobile communications centers and mobile security centers is at the heart of things.

In addition, we love following select studios and indie developers around and seeing what they are after. Even if one app or a game of a studio is a hit, it is no indication others will, but if an app or a game is good and of good quality, it IS a strong indication all of the other apps will be.

So, we will now bring another app by indi devloper Michael Asaraf whose game Next Business Tycoon we reviewed and enjoyed here. This time, we would like to present another game, called Crazy Money Button. What is interesting to note is that although Next Business Tycoon is a hugely complex and interesting strategy game, Crazy Money Button is a lightning quick casual game.

So, what is Crazy Money Button all about? The game is quite simple and requires faith in yourself and a certain amount of luck. The player gets a button and all he or she has to do is press it, receiving a number as a result. Wining is simplicity itself, all you have to do is hit a round number, the rounder the better.

The game has a money counter which is shared among players and a global ranking ladder so everyone can see how well (or bad ...) he or she did. In addition, the game also sports challenges which are a challenge in themselves not to just achieve but achieve faster than anyone else! Last but not least, real prizes will be handed out to the winners!

There is a place for heavy, complicated games and there is a place for quick casual games that raise your adrenalin level and let you play for a few minutes at a time, whenever you have a little free time. 

Crazy Money Button is original, well made and most important of all, fun to play.    


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