Wrath of Obama - Android App Featured

Wrath of Obama by Ankaar Productions - Android App Featured   

Innovation is the true key for success and apparently some game studios would go to any lengths and leave no stone un turned to make a truly innovative and refreshing game. Of course, as gamers and users of Android smartphones and mobile devices, this is what we love. 

The Wrath of Obama is truly an innovative game, actually making an alternate history version of the Earth where a Lenin demon creates hordes of communists undead and Obama and Putin unite to combat this new and unorthodox threat to humankind. 

The game itself has a really interesting and surprising plot, while the gameplay varies between several types of action game. The graphics are quite good, even great at times and the interface as a whole is very slick and easy to use.

To sum things up, this is a game for those looking for thrills, deep and surprising conspiracies and straight and furious action. Then again, you get to play not one but TWO of the most powerful men on earth ...


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