Why Smartwatch-Based Mobile Gaming Makes Sense

Five or so years ago, after years of domination by both games consoles and PCs, the way that people gamed underwent a massive change. Smartphones and tablets, with their processing, memory and graphical rendering capabilities, brought forth a new age in gaming, and soon the pastime was not merely the preserve of enthusiasts, geeks and teenagers. Mobile devices had suddenly brought gaming, kicking and screaming, firmly in to the mainstream. But a new device is peeking its head over the horizon of the mainstream; smartwatches. Will these new devices signal a new mobile gaming craze? The answer is yes, but not in the conventional sense.

Sony Smartwatch 2

According to industry pundits, games being produced for smartwatches won't be akin to conventional mobile games. Instead, new experiences, based around oft-touted but rarely realised notions such as augmented reality, could be the focus of innovation and development. Virtual treasure hunts, Pokemon-like adventures and the like could all become intriguing and popular ways to play over a mobile device. Geolocation software, built around the everyday world; it's something we've see talked about before but is a thing yet to take the public's imagination. The utter flop that was (or is?) the Google Glass was based around similar ideas, but the self-consciousness that accompanied the product proved a huge hurdle to surpass, but smartwatches may prove inconspicuous enough for the idea to work.

Lots of current games will indeed likely work with the new crop of smartwatches, however. If a title runs on android, and has display scaling built in to its design, you'll be able to at least try to play the game on the rather reduced screen size. Sites such as SlotoCash might even find this makes their games more accessible. Slot games only really need a few small buttons, plus the slot machine graphics themselves, and one could easily conceive this fitting in to a mini screen. The same goes for puzzle games that simply require small swipes from the player. Sudoku on a smartwatch sounds like the perfect panacea to a boring commute, that's for sure.

The likely syncing that will occur between watches and smartwatches will likely also become a big thing in the world of watch-based gaming. Players of RPGs, strategy games, sports titles and shooters via smartphones might, in the near future, be able to play around with their loadouts, characters and squads on scaled-down versions of their games whilst they're out and about.  

Will smartphones prove the next big thing in gaming? Only time will tell, and in the end it will be the public who dictates the success of the idea.


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