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Ninja Dude by head in the clouds - Anroid app Featured   

Here at Android Review Center we review apps and games for Android smartphones and mobile devices. In our five years in the business, we have come to develop a theory of our own of what makes a good game. There are more than a million apps and games on google play, but only a few can be really considered good. 
So, what makes a good game? First of all, let's consider the different game types because a good mutliplayer strategy game is very different to an arcade or action game. A good action game must be quick to setup and launch (because the player usually only has a few minutes to play and he or she won't want to waste precious time on setting up before the action!).

A good action game must be simple. It can have various elements but the concept and the things the player must do should be simple because players who play action games need to focus on the game itself and not hundreds of ways to configure your character. Last but certainly not least is the challenge. The game must be challenging to be interesting! 

So let's check out Ninja Dude, a new action game. The premise of the game is quite simple. The player plays a ninja, a character who has two punches and two kicks, one for each side of his body. Our ninja is attacked by various objects coming at him from various directions and the player must kick and punch them away before they hit the ninja.

First and foremost, the game is simple to launch and operate, ideal for those who want to have fun but only have three minutes to play ... The game is also quite simple to play (no upgrade options and different kicks and punches, just the bare basic). Last but not least (again), the game is quite hard to play.

At first the objects (donuts among other things ...) that hurtle towards the ninja come in slow and steady but the pace picks up rapidly as more and more objects fly together from different directions at once and the difficulty rises steeply quite fast.

Ninja Dude does everything right. Therefore, it is a really good action game.


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