Galaxy Wars: Space Defense - Android App Featured

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense by Psycho Sandwich Studios - Android App Featured   

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In other words, it is not enough just saying we like an app or a game. We have to say WHY we like (or dislike it) and then use the same set of rules or guidelines when reviewing all apps.

Well, what about Galaxy Wars: Space Defense? It's got spectacular graphics but is it any good as a game?

Galaxy Wars: Space Defense is a space shooter, an action game where the player gets to pilot a ship (or space fighter, to be exact) and fight against hordes of enemies, all shooting back with missiles, beam weapons, mines and a lot more ... The game is has a 2D setting where the player looks from above on the unfolding action and pilots his or her fighter with finger swipes across the mobile device's screen.

This game has a lot of things going for it. Its graphics are amazing, crystal clear and vibrant, even in the midst of furious battles. The fighters the player use can be upgraded and the enemies along with the bosses are many and varied. 

Well, our rules for reviewing games and apps state that each app and game must be measured up against the goals its type of app or game aim for, and Galaxy Wars does great job. The game is simple to operate and the player gets right to business, to the combat. Control is simple and easy and even the various upgrades are simple and easy to operate.

Psych Sandwich Studios create an action game that is ideal for those who want quick and furious combat RIGHT NOW and those who want to test their minds by coming up with various strategies and not only their reflexes, though in this game both will be tested sorely.

A great action game, varied and colorful, Galaxy Wars takes a seat of honor among the space shooters on Google Play.


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