ZyShopper by ZyShopper Inc - Android App Featured

ZyShopper by ZyShopper Inc - Android App Featured   

Online shopping has grown strong and popular these past ten years. Starting with Amazon.com, other retailers have gone online, creating a huge number of online retailers offering everything there is to buy online, from dogs to pianos to cellphones to everything and anything else.  

And that is what had made online shopping a problem, making a growing number of people renounce online shopping all together. The problem is in the selection process. The sheer number of items on offering and the sheer number of varieties, along with the huge number of online stores makes shopping into a grueling, painful affair.

It has become VERY difficult to find things that you like. Okay, if you know you want Ciero Adidas shoes, there's no problem. You just search it, see the various options and select the shop that is cheapest, most reliable and has the best reviews. BUT, what if you want shoes that are LIKE Ceiro? Then, you have a problem.

Shopping is not only for getting groceries for our salad. Shopping is an emotional thing, we need to find and buy things that we like, but finding things that we like can be a long and arduous process because no amount of searching can find shoes that are similar to Ciero that will be liked by us.

And this is what ZyShopper has come to solve. 

ZyShopper is all about emotional shopping. It presents a limited number of products from each online store and lets us easily and naturally browse them, looking at each one, finding more pics if we want them and letting us tag the products we like with a heart sign. The app also lets us move to the next store, again presenting us a limited number of products. 

So, what the deal with ZyShopper? The app learns the things we like, measuring how much time we spend with each product, how many pics we viewed of each product, which did we mark with a heart sign and which stores we browsed and for how long. Then, the app will present us with things we like, based on OUR preferences.

ZyShopper really has the potential to revolutionize shopping, turning it into a pleasant experience, light and graphical that automatically brings us the things we like the most from the stores that we need. In our opinion, this app will take online shopping towards the next level, towards the personalized, emotion and preference based shopping.

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