Wolf Online by 1Games - Android App Featured

Wolf Online by 1Games - Android App Featured   

Did you ever hear the call of the wild? Did you ever want to throw away the shackles of civilization and connect to your own wild, untamed side? Did you ever want to nurture a pack of wild beasts, every bit as savage as you are (on the inside, of course ...) ?

With Wolf Online, you can do all this.

Wolf online is not only the ideal hunting game, but is really lets you rip and glorify in savage hunting, fighting and conquering. You get to select to play as one out of three types of wolf in a wild and savage setting. You have to survive and thrive in hostile conditions, hunt for food, fight other predators and defend yourself from enemy wolf tribes.

Of course, the interesting part of the game comes from the fact that you not only have to care for yourself but for your pack as well, calling them to help you fight large and dangerous play. Online playing is a major theme in the game, whether it is to fight other players or join forces to bring down huge prey.

Wolf Online has that special quality that calls to the player, letting him or her immerse himself or herself in a fantasy setting that is just as interesting as the real world, though with much more teeth and fantastic monsters!


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