Will it rain? Weather alerts by Smartcode Software - Android App Featured

Will it rain? Weather alerts Smartcode Software - Android App Featured   

In our modern day and age, one of the most unpredictable things that has the greatest impact on us is the weather. Let's face it, our choice of clothes, the protection we bring to our devices, whether or not to bring along an umbrella and a rain coat may all depend on the whether. And it's not just a comfort thing. Decisions such as whether to drive, what to plan to do with the kids or where to take our date all depend on the whether. 

But the most important thing we need to know about the whether is about rain. Everything else can be managed but rain is the factor that may decide for us what we do and what we plan. There are on google play quite a lot of apps that report the weather accurately and comprehensibly, so what do we need another weather app for?

Will it rain ? Weather alerts does something which is both simple yet very necessary. After installing and configuration (of location and things like that), the app stays dormant and only pops up a alert whenever it knows that in the configured location it is going to rain tomorrow.  

Such a simple functionality is nevertheless very important. We already said there are quite a lot of weather apps for Android smartphones on google play but the problem with most of them is the wealth of information they supply, from two week forecast to satellite weather maps to temperature in famous locales, to specify just a few.

The obvious result of this is that our user, who only wants to know how to dress and how to plan his day tomorrow, will usually be too lazy or busy to wrestle with the weather apps to get the info he or she needs.

That's why Will it rain? Weather alerts is so useful. It notifies the user without making the user search or work, whether it will rain tomorrow. And that is the most important and most useful piece of information the user needs to know.


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