Motorbike Rideout - Android App Featured

Motorbike Rideout by Rideout Applications - Android App Featured   

For people who aren't into motorbikes, there's nothing special about that vehicle. It's just a car with two wheels less than a car, no protection from the elements and much less safety. However, for those that ARE into motorbikes, a motorbike is much more than just a vehicle.

In fact there is in every country a truly international society of motorbike riders. For them, a motorbike is a way of life, even if they get to ride their bike a few hours every weekend. For those people, a motorbike is a way to keep and maintain their freedom and identity.

This is where Motorbike Rideout comes into play, an app to bring all the power and technology of Android Smartphones to that mystic society of motorbike. In simple words, Motorbike Rideout is a social network made especially for riders.

What does the app do? First and foremost, it creates a social network of bikers, a place where anyone can find, meet and hangout with other riders, because there may be a whole group of riders right in your neighborhood which you never met and never knew existed ... 

After that, the app manages events, rideous, and bike club activities. A person can enter, search and find events according to location, time, destination and see exactly who is attending, what is their plan, the route and every kind of information about the events. Of course, clubs who want to keep their events private can do so easily. 

In addition, the app has an important real time component that shows your location and the location of any other riders on the map, on a predefined radius. Perfect of ad hoc hooking, or to manage a large scale riding event (and finding the ones who drifted behind or took a wrong turn), Motorbike Rideout is the perfect app to manage an event on real time.

With a lot of countries already support, and more and more countries and languages being added all the time, this app is perfect for those who need and want to more motorbike riding and organization into the 21st century.

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