Keep Inside - Android App Review

Keep Inside by Emre Rothzerg - Android App Review

Games come in many types and flavors but they can be broadly divided into two types, complex and simple ones. Complex games require a lot of preparation, time and energy while simple games just require that the user whips out his or her smartphone and start tapping away.

Every game type has its own advantages and benefits. Complex games really allow the user to submerge himself or herself into a vast world, whether it is a strategic or simulation game while the simple game allows the user to relax whenever he or she have a few moments to spare. Of course, both game types have their own merits and fans, and people can love both types of games.

Keep inside is a good example of a simple game. Just a reminder, simple does not mean easy ... The goal in Keep Inside is to keep a dot or a ball inside the large circle and the user has two simple controls to move a section of the circle to prevent the ball from leaving the circle. Sounds simple? It is. 

So, let's see what our reviewers had to say about Keep Inside.

Fist of all, our reviewers enjoyed playing with a game that was simple, that doesn't require weeks to learn to use all the different options, and powerups and upgrades. With Keep Inside, you launch the game and start playing. You learn to play it in five minutes.

Our reviewers also commented about the difficulty curve, saying it was just right. The game starts out easy and gradually becomes more difficult, allowing the player to gradually get accustomed and hone his or her reflexes before he or she really have to start working.

Another thing the vast majority of out users enjoyed very much was the graphics and UI. Keeping it simple, the studio that made Keep Inside made the game very easy to operate and made sure the graphics were both high quality and simple, creating a game that was ideal for a few moments of relaxation without having to encounter anything complex.

Our reviewers had several tips for players. First of all, plan ahead, think not only where the ball will be when it bounces off the 'bat' but where it's going and be there with the 'bat' before it arrives. Planning ahead is the only way to win.

Another thing our reviewers recommended was concentration. The game really is a game of concentration, so make sure you can concentrate on the game while playing. Of course, trying to keep your concentration while in a distraction rich environment is also a great exercise, just be aware that it will detract from your score. 

Last but not least was the tip to try to play it on a tablet or large screen mobile device, to see exactly how the game and the ball behaves there. 'Training' on a large screen device might completely change the way you play on a regular sized screen display.

  • Score: 4.6. A good solid game and a great example for a simple, high quality app.
  • Description: A game where the user must keep a ball inside a circle by using a 'bat' to keep it inside.
  • Good Points: Very simple game and design. Very addictive. Launches and plays really fast. 
  • Bad Points: We would have liked to have more shapes and scenarios in future game updates.
  • Experience: All reviewers enjoyed the game and none had any problem understanding how to play and how to win.
  • Longevity: People who loved the simple concept and who need a three minute break now and then kept this game installed for a long time.
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