Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit - Android App Review

Good.Co: Workplace Culture Fit - Android App Review

We, at Android Review Center, love apps that are original and if possible, apps that really make our lives better. Android Smartphones have the potential to transform our lives and we constantly try to find the apps (and games, to a lesser extent) that take a step in that direction.

One of the most important things in an adult's life is his or her job. A good job will insure we earn enough money to have the lifestyle we are interested in and a good job with good working conditions will let us enjoy it, which is more important than it seems, because a job we love is a job that doesn't make us sad or gloomy and doesn't cast a shadow over our lives.

But a good job is one that we enjoy going to, a job that makes us jump out of bed each morning and not pull the blanket over out heads .... A large part of that is corporate life, the people and activities that surround the job, as well as what we actually do at the job. In fact, there has never been an app or a service that can help us choose the job with the corporate life for us.
Until now.

Enter Good.Co Workplace Culture Fit, an app that tries to do just that, find the workplace that we will like the most.

Our reviewers took the app with a grain of salt, as the task the app has taken upon itself to fulfil is quite daunting. Nevertheless, our reviewers, only working adults this time, launched themselves into the app and their reports started flowing it.

First of all came the quizzes. The app will find the right place for you to work only if it gets to know you, and the app learns its user by putting him or her through quite a long quiz. Even though the quiz wasn't short, none of our reviewers complained because the questions were quite interesting and everyone understood that the answers determine the quality of company matches the app will provide.

The app also takes a look at the user's LinkedIn network, all to get to know the user better.

The results the app gave were quite interesting for several reasons. First of all, some reviewers really got to thinking about the career choices when the app presented them with companies they never thought were for them. In addition, some of the insights the app offered were interesting enough and sometimes even prompted change in the reviewer's job without leaving for another workplace.

Last but certainly not least, the app also has a social networking function which is just as important because it helps the user find like minded people that already work in the same workplace, sometimes without the user even knowing about them. Creating new connections with nearby people who share some of the same views of things is quite important.

All in all, the app is really easy to use, with professional simple menus and workflow that are easy enough for everyone to use, even older people who sometimes have trouble with more complicated app UI. 

The tips our reviewers gave were quite simple. Answer the quiz as accurately as possible, even taking a moment to consider now and then. Look at the app's workplace suggestions and think why it offered you them. It might cause you to change things in your job and the way you do things without leaving your current job. Last, don't neglect the social network component and go talk to people the app suggested might be thinking the same about many subjects. You can meet some great people that way.

  • Score: 4.8. The app tackles a daunting task and does it beautifully.
  • Description: An app that makes you answer a quiz and then offers jobs and companies that might be suitable for you, and people that share the same opinions.
  • Good Points: Simple and professional interface with very clear workflows. A quiz that is not too long yet quite comprehensive. Good results from the app. 
  • Bad Points: We would have liked the social networking component enlarged, perhaps creating a network for workplaces.
  • Experience: All reviewers started to work with the app almost immediately without a hitch. The results the app gave were quite interesting, prompting thought and consideration by those receiving them.
  • Longevity: People liked to keep the app installed because it gives interesting insights about yourselves and doing the quiz every few months can give a good indication about your satisfaction from your job.
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