Bubble Shooter by Super Droid Studio - Android App Featured

Bubble Shooter by Super Droid Studio - Android App Featured   

Who hasn't spend hours and hours bursting bubbles with the classic, trusty bubble shooter game? From desktops to old IPACS to even older mobile devices, all carried this game and there's no one who hand't played it and shouted with joy when ten or more bubbles burst at the same time.

Now, finally, a great version of the game had hit Google Play. It has all the elements everyone loved from the original game. A great many levels, challenging starting points, multiple colors and the bubble shooter itself, that you can carefully aim to shoot your bubble at the correct place. 

On the smartphone, this is an ideal game for those looking for a few quiet minutes, or to keep their brains busy, or just have the kids develop their thinking skills in a game that is completely lacking in violence.


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